Automatic Wheelchair Brakes and Wheelchair Anti Roll Back Devices by The Jerry Ford Company, LLC Automatic Wheelchair Brakes and Wheelchair Wheel Locks
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Video Demo of Automatic Wheelchair Brake System
Screenshot from 90 second video demo of the Jerry Lock Automatic Wheelchair Brake System

Introducing Award Winning Automatic Wheelchair Brakes and Wheelchair Anti Roll Back Devices by the Jerry Ford Company!

Our automatic wheelchair brakes and wheelchair anti roll back devices for manual wheelchairs prevent falls, free up staff and improve quality of life. Our wheel locks are an inexpensive improvement that comes pre-installed on our new line of high quality Safe T Chairs®.

These industry standard wheelchair anti roll back devices save money, time and lives. Please see our complete line of wheelchair safety parts and accessories and fall prevention safety equipment for manual wheelchairs in our E-store, or call us toll free at 866-800-6049 for more information or to order today!

The revolutionary Safe-T-Chair® is the only truly user-friendly automatic wheelchair brake system on the market today. To learn more View demo videos here!

Recent study that "was to evaluate the effectiveness of an automatic manual wheelchair braking system" resulted in ..."a statistically significant reduction of 78% in the fall rate of high-risk patients." Read more about this study. Click here for full article.

AS of Oct 2008, Medicare is no longer reimbursing healthcare facilities for "reasonably preventable" medical errors. Preventable conditions that will no longer be reimbursed includes falls.

THE medical expense related to falls amounts to more than $20 billion annually in the U.S., and is projected to climb in to $32 billion annually by 2020.
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PREVENTING falls caused by rollaway wheelchairs can prevent serious injuries, save lives and save tens of millions in insurance costs.
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OUR Safe-T-Chair system
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is the only fall prevention and anti-rollback automatic breaking system on the market with these quality features:
  -Does not interfere with folding or normal operations of the wheelchair
-Palm release for easy movement of unoccupied wheelchair
-No under seat pressure points
-Easy lock-off for ambulating patients, with auto reset
-No assembly required, delivered ready to use

Photo of an anti-roll back device that works as a breaking mechanism for a wheelchairPURCHASING the Safe-T-Chair will not interfere with existing wheelchair “preferred vendor” contracts, because the Safe-T-Chair is an integrated system ... not just a wheelchair. The Safe-T-Chair is only available directly through the Jerry Ford Company.
AMERICA’S aging population means costs from falls will continue to rise rapidly ... organizations can limit exposure to these costs with the industry’s most effective fall prevention & safety system ... the Safe-T-Chair.

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